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Athimadhuram / Mulethi Powder - 250g

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Tamil Name         : Athimathuram - அதிமதுரம்

Malayalam Name :  irattimadhuram (ഇരട്ടിമധുരം)

Hindi Name         : mulethi (मुलेठी)

Telugu Name        : athimadhuram (అతిమధురం)

Binomial Name    : Glycyrrhiza glabra


   Athimadhuram or liquorice is beneficial in treatment of many types of health problems. Those who are suffering from indigestion or acidity can get relief with the use of Athimadhuram powder. Stomach pain can be reduced with consumption of athimadhuram as well. It is very difficult to identify athimadhuram tree but it is a precious herb. Athimadhuram Medicinal plant uses • Use athimadhuram in preparation of your herbal tea. Athimadhuram ayurvedic tea treatment is useful in stress releafe treatment. This medicinal herb is useful for the treatment of chronic cough and cold. Athimadhuram for babies and infants cough treatment is very effective. As this herb is very sweet in taste, it can be given to kids to cure cough and cold. Kids can get quick relief by consuming extracts of athimadhuram roots. • Ayurveda advises to use 3 to 4 grams of athimadhuram roots to prepare 1 cup tea. Many ladies face the trouble during menstrual period. Athimadhuram carries anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties which can be beneficial in curing pain and cramps during those days. • Athimadhuram roots can also work on the condition of constipation. Regular consumption of athimadhuram tea for 1 week can work as a laxative and solve the problem of constipation. Ayurveda medicines use athimadhuram in the treatment of arthritis and other joint pains. • Anti-inflammatory properties of athimadhuram can reduce the pain effectively. It is advised to consume athimadhuram tea regularly for some days to get desired result. Athimadhuram extracts are useful for treating eye problems. Those who are suffering from blurred vision or less vision are advised to consume athimadhuram to get benefits. • The tea of athimadhuram is recommended for the patients of asthma. It can reduce other respiratory problems also. Itching in throat, sore throat or other types of throat pain can be cured with the help of athimadhuram. • Glycyrrhizin present in athimadhuram can fight against depression and anxiety. It can refresh your mind quickly. Drink athimadhuram tea thrice a day to fight against depression. Body metabolism can be regulated by consuming athimadhuram root extracts. It can reduce bad cholesterol from body and can support bile acid flow in body. • Symptoms of menopause can be cured with the help of athimadhuram as this amazing herb is antioxidant and carries phytoestrogenic quality. The hormonal imbalance during menopause period can be cured with estrogens present in this medicinal herb. • Increased immunity power can lessen the joint pain and muscles pain. Athimadhuram is a rich antioxidant to improve immunity power effectively. Use Athimadhuram for skin diseases. The powder of dried athimadhuram roots can be used for many skin diseases like psoriasis, itching, eczema and dermatitis. • Rashes also can be cured with this powder or lotion. You can also use Athimadhuram for beauty aspects, Athimadhuram face pack is the best treatment for oily skin people. Regular use of Athimadhuram for hair can activate the hair scalps and induce the hair growth. You can also use Athimadhuram for gray hair problem. • Bad breath can be easily stopped by chewing athimadhuram root. This amazing root can reduce blood glucose level in blood and thus useful in treating diabetes. Athimadhuram tea is beneficial in reducing weight also. Powder or tea made with athimadhuram roots can give relief in fever and headache. Side Effects Avoid use during Pregnancy and Breast Feeding: Pregnant or nursing mothers avoid the usage. It may cause premature delivery and miscarriage. Avoid Liquorice after any kind of surgery. Prolonged use may cause Headaches, Water Retention and Bloating. If you specifically want to use it to reduce Libido, then, that will be its proper use. It may disturb balance the Testosterone hormone in Men. Men may lose interest in their sex life and may face problem of Erectile Dysfunction. Females should avoid prolonged usage. It may act like Estrogen. It increases the risk of Breast Cancer, Uterine Cancer and Ovary Cancer. Avoid during Premenstrual Syndrome. Avoid usage in case of Water Retention, Diabetes, Glaucoma, Heart Disease, Kidney Problems, High Blood Pressure and Stroke. It may make the things worst.

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