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Senna Flower / Aavaram Poo Powder - 4 X 50g

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Tamil                   :  Avaram Poo - ஆவாரம் பூ

Malayalam        :   Avaram, Aaveeram 

Hindi                   :  Tarwar, Tarvar, Tarval

Telugu                :  Tangedu 

Botanical           :  Cassia Auriculata


Aavaram Senna Flower


Avaram senna is a much branched shrub with smooth cinnamon brown bark and closely pubescent brachlets.

Its flowers are irregular, bisexual, bright yellow and large (nearly 5 cm across), the pedicels glabrous and 2.5 cm long. The racemes are few-flowered, short, erect, crowded in axils of upper leaves so as to form a large terminal inflorescence stamens barren; the ovary is superior, unilocular, with marginal ovules.



It is useful in regulating menstrual cycle. It is a good medicine for skin related problem. Regular bath taken with Aavaram Flower Powder removes body odour. It also keeps the skin glowing. Regular intake of Aavaram Flower powder with honey controls Diabetics It is a good laxative. It is used to treat conjunctive eyes. It is used in the treatment of kidney malfunction and also prevents dialysis treatments. Urine disorder is also treated with Aavaram Poo Powder. Its Decoction is substituted for tea. It is a natural Source of anti-oxidants.

The Dried Flowers Powder is used as a substitute for tea in case of diabetes patients. It is also believed to improve the complexion in women.



1 spoon a day before diet with water


Side Effects

There are no known side effects with this herb. Seek medical advice for its use during pregnancy.



Harvesting & Manufacturing Methodology:

All our herbs are Harvested Organically, dried, and pulverized with no chemical interactions ensuring 100% natural herbal powders.



The information on the Site is provided for educational or information purposes only; please consult your own healthcare practitioner before use

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