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Balloon Vine Leaves Powder - 250g

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Balloon Vine Leaves / Mudakathan Keerai Powder


Tamil                     :  Mudakkathan – முடக்கத்தான்

Malayalam          :  Balloon Vine Leaves Powder

Hindi                     :  Kanphata

Telugu                  :  buddakakara / ekkudutige / kasaritige

Botanical             :  Cardiospermum halicacabum


Cardiospermum Halicacabum

It is a woody perennial climbing plant with large ornamental seed pods that resemble balloons. Hence it is called Balloon Vine in English.

Originating from Tropical Asia, Africa and America, it is named as weed in some countries because of its fast growing nature and obstructing sunlight to other plants. This plant is very famous in Tamil Nadu for it's use in treating joint pains.



The best thing about Balloon Vine Powder is it can be used both internally and externally for treating joint pain and regular use gives good relief. Balloon Vine Powder also treats all cold and cough related problems. This is a very safe herb that can be used even for treating children's cough & cold. It can also be used to treat ear pain, menstrual cramps, general tiredness and sluggishness. Few drops of the Balloon Vine Powder leaves juice in the ear will treat ear pain. The poultice of this amazing herb can be used for all kinds of pain. The juice of this plant when combined together with pure turmeric powder and applied on the affected area treats eczema.




1 spoon twice a day before diet with warm water.


Side Effects

There are no known side effects with this herb. Seek medical advice for its use during pregnancy.



Harvesting & Manufacturing Methodology:

All our herbs are Harvested Organically, dried, and pulverized with no chemical interactions ensuring 100% natural herbal powders.



The information on the Site is provided for educational or information purposes only; please consult your own healthcare practitioner before use

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