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Fullers Earth Powder - 4 X 50g

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Fullers Earth Powder




Multani Mitti  is actually a form of clay, naturally obtained in the nature, and has numerous magical effects on the metabolism of body. It is used to eliminate various possible diseases from the body, especially the skin, with the maximum attention towards how to make your skin more attractive! Multani Mitti or Fuller’s Earth has the tendency to absorb any form of oil, when mixed with it, thus rendering it as a good absorbent of oily substances. Fuller’s Earth, known as Multani Mitti in South-East Asia, is an all-natural and organic beauty ingredient. It has been a hot-favorite beauty secret of ladies throughout the world. It is being used as a facial mask since 1800 BC, when no man-made facial masks were discovered.




Uses & Benefits



Improves Oily Skin

Multani Mitti has a widespread use in the form of a scrub. All you have to do is mix Multani Mitti with crushed almonds and a little of glycerine. Use this paste to properly massage your face, especially the portion below your eyes, which has gone dark due to lack of sleep, excessive use of cellphones and laptops etc. After properly massaging, leave it as it is for sometime, and then, wash it off. This would regenerate the freshness in your face, and would also remove the dark circles under your eyes.


As a Scrub

However the benefits of fuller’s earth are not just restricted to revitalizing the skin, it goes far beyond that. Fuller’s earth aids digestion and kills the bacteria in our stomach. It helps clean the hair scalp and brings back youth to your dull hair. It prevents split ends from forming on your hair. As far as the skin is concerned, it has the solution to all your skin blues. With respect to its skin beautifying properties Fuller’s Earth is known as Beauty Mud throughout the world.

Blood Circulation

This naturally healing product has a tendency to improve every metabolism of our body. All our body parts work simply due to blood. Our heart pumps the blood with such a pressure that it reaches all the organs of human body! But this circulation needs to be proper, only then will our body be able to co-ordinate with our mind. Multani Mitti is said to have a property that improves blood circulation. This improved blood circulation leads to the removal of dead useless skin from the body.


Curing Allergies

It is said that “Prevention is always better than cure”. But if the thing couldn’t be protected, you will have to find a way to cure it! In a similar manner, Multani Mitti acts as a great source of curing skin allergies. Fuller’s Earth doesn’t only cure skin allergies, but also is a great remedy to various forms of Skin Infections. Mix some amount of Multani Mitti with rose water and some camphor, and you are good to go! Regularly apply this on the infected area, and within no time, the infection will disappear.



In the present generation, people are more bothered about their skin tone and skin colour than they are bothered about the clothes or make up they wear. Also, due to Climatic Shifts and extreme Global Warming, there has been an increase in the amount of sunlight and heat reaching the surface of the Earth. Alongwith white light, a large amount of UV radiations are also reaching on this Earth’s surface, which affects our skin. The most common affect it is causing to our skin is that of tanning. The colour of the skin exposed to this scorching heat renders it to change its colour tone. Thus the fair complexion of the exposed skin change to a darker shade. This tanning and pigmentation can be prevented with the help of Multani Mitti. For creating a paste suitable for finishing the sun tan, mix Multani Mitti with some amount of coconut water and sugar. Make a paste out of it and apply on the tanned portion for a quarter of an hour. After removing, the benefit of using Fuller’s Earth would be clearly visible.


For Hair

Multani Mitti can be used on any body part, granted the use is strictly external, as at the end of the day, it is a form of clay, which if swallowed, would cause digestion problems. A very common complain that can be heard coming out of the mouths of almost anyone is they don’t have smooth and silky hair like those of the people in commercials of hair products! I’d say, there is a great natural way to obtain them. Simply soak Multani Mitti in water for about 2 hours and apply it on your hair and scalp like a shampoo. Rinse it after 5 minutes, and you will see the results yourself.




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