Golden Eye Grass Powder (Kali Musli) - 4 X 50g View larger

Golden Eye Grass Powder (Kali Musli) - 4 X 50g

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Black Musli / Golden Eye Grass Powder


Tamil                     :  Nilappana Kizhangu - நிலப்பனங்கிழங்கு

Malayalam          :  nela-pana-kelangu, nelappana-kizhanna, nelppana, nilappana

Hindi                     :  Kalimusli

Telugu                  :  nela-pana-kelangu, nelappana-kizhanna, nelppana, nilappana

Botanical             :  cusculigo Orchioides



Black Musli is a plant grown in Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Malaysia. It consists of various curative aspects.


Health Benefits

It is used for treatment of Eye Infection, Opthalmia which is familiar as Conjunctivitis.

It is the best herb for treating Skin Ailments. Its roots are crushed and the paste prepared from this powder is helpful in curbing Itching, Pimples, Acne and Rashes. To have a glowing Skin, apply a face pack made from Black Musli.

Its roots are burned and inhaled for curing Respiratory Problems like Cough, Asthma and Catarrh.

It treats Lung Ailment, Bronchitis.

To get rid of Digestive Problems, have Black Musli powder and milk mixture. This mixture helps in curbing Heartburn and Flatulence.

It is an effective herb for treating Stomach Ailments like Vomiting.

It is a good herbal remedy for curing Liver Disorder, Jaundice and Biliousness.

It is effectual for treating Lumbago (back pain), Joint Pain, etc.

It is a good herbal treatment for Piles.

It is Aphrodisiac in nature.

Back Musli is a good herbal treatment for Gonorrhea.

Golden Eye Grass powder is recommended in various ailments like decreased sperm count, impotence general body weakness, loss of stamina and vigor. Besides this it is also used in digestive disorders like indigestion, constipation and loss of appetite. It is very much effective in liver ailments especially in jaundice.


1 spoon a day before diet with warm water


Side Effects

There are no known side effects with this herb. Seek medical advice for its use during pregnancy.


Harvesting & Manufacturing Methodology:

All our herbs are Harvested Organically, dried, and pulverized with no chemical interactions ensuring 100% natural herbal powders.



The information on the Site is provided for educational or information purposes only; please consult your own healthcare practitioner before use

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