Bael Leaf Powder - 4 X 50g ( vilva ilai ) View larger

Bael Leaf Powder - 4 X 50g ( vilva ilai )

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Tamil                     :  Vilvam ilai Podi - வில்வ இலை பொடி

Malayalam          :  covalam, covalum, koovalam, kovalam, kulakam, kuvalam, kuvalap-pazham, kuvvalam, mavilavu, vilvam

Hindi                     :  bael, bael sripal, beel, beeley, beelgiri, bel,

Telugu                  :  bilva, bilva-pandu, bilvachettu, bilvamu, bilvapandu, maalaaramu, maluramu, maraedu,

Botanical             :  Aegle marmelos



Bael| Bilva | Vilva (in Tamil) is a sacred tree and for many Indians the word vilva will bring the image of lord Shiva in their mind. Vilva leaves are considered so sacred that elders usually advice us not to stamp or play with it. You will find vilva tree in most ancient temples, especially Shiva temples for using it in pooja. Every single part of vilva tree has medicinal values and if we know how to use them, we can easily use it in our daily lives and get the amazing benefits. Nowadays vilva juice and vilva extracts are marketed every where. Though I find it interesting to look at all these products that are marketed, you will be surprised when I say that I have not used a single one. I always prefer fresh herbs and love to make the extracts on my own. The main reason is I get all the fresh herbs easily as I live in a village and the second thing is anything made fresh is always better and more potent. This is especially true, if you are making decoctions for using it in home remedies, the fresh herbs gives the best results. There is a vilva tree in my mothers place and I collect fresh leaves from there. This homemade flu shot made with vilva leaves is the best natural flu shot that I have come across that gives amazing results. It increases immunity and the spices that we add along with the leaves for making the flu shots is also very good for warding of cold and flu. During rainy season many children tend to fall sick due to cold and fever. If your child falls ill often, try giving this homemade flu shots made with vilva leaves. This home remedy actually tastes good, especially if consumed warm. It tastes like a clear soup but with amazing benefits. This homemade flu shots can be given to both young and old to prevent fever during flu season and if they have fever, it will help get rid of the fever soon. To make this remedy, collect fresh vilva leaves and wash them well to get rid of any dirt. Pound dry ginger, cumin seeds and pepper corns coarsely in a mortar and pestle. Boil water in a pan along with the pounded spices and once it comes to a boil add the slightly bruised vilva leaves. Close the pan with a lid and let it boil till the liquid reduces and strain. During rainy season this can be served as a soup in small cups in the evening and children will happily drink it, especially if few drops of homemade ghee are added to the mixture. People who are convalescing also will benefit from this home remedy as vilva leaves increases the immunity really well.

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