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Coral Tree Powder - 4 X 50g (Kalyana Murungai)

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Coral Tree / Kalyana Murungai / Erythrina Variegata Powder


Tamil                     :  கல்யாண முருங்கை

Malayalam          :  Mulmurukku,  mulmurikk, murikk, penmurikk

Hindi                     :  Pharhada, Farhad, Pangra, महामेद mahamed,  मन्दार mandar, पांगरा pangra, पारिभद्र paribhadra, पारिजात parijat

Telugu                  :  Badida ChettuBadachipa Chettu, badidepuchettu

Botanical             :  Erythrina indica Lamk


The Indian coral tree is as its name suggests native to the Indian subcontinent, and its range extends throughout South-east Asia to Malaysia. It was introduced in ancient times to the Pacific islands and to parts of Africa. The Indian coral tree is a member of the Leguminoseae or Fabaceae family of plants making it a relative of dhak, the pongam tree, ashoka (Saraca indica),the monkey pod tree, jhand, lentils, indigo, the butterfly pea, chickpeas, soya beans and lupins to name but a few.

  The tree is useful as a nitrogen fixer and helps poor soil increase its fertility. It is panted as an ornamental and a shade tree, and used for this last purpose in coffee and cacao plantations. It is also used as a trellis for vines and climbing plants and is used to support the betel nut (paan) vine, black pepper plants, as well as vanilla and yams.


Health Benefits

Coral Tree powder is used to aid digestion, as an aphrodisiac and for erectile dysfunctions. It is also used to get rid of intestinal worms, for blood purification, to regulate menstruation, for infections of the urinary tract such as cystitis, obesity, fevers and externally for skin problems.

  It is believed to support the liver and nerves functions and is anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain-relieving), and to dilate the blood vessels. An infusion of the bark and leaves is used for coughs as an expectorant. A preparation is also used for insomnia, to promote lactation in breast-feeding mothers, for lower back pain relief and knee pain as well as for rheumatism.



1 spoon of powder a day before diet with warm water

Side Effects

There are no known side effects with this herb. Seek medical advice for its use during pregnancy.



Harvesting & Manufacturing Methodology:

All our herbs are Harvested Organically, dried, and pulverized with no chemical interactions ensuring 100% natural herbal powders.



The information on the Site is provided for educational or information purposes only; please consult your own healthcare practitioner before use

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