Herbalife F1 Shake Mix Mango Flavour 500Gm,Protein Powder 200 gm & Afresh Lemon

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With daily stress and hectic schedule it is impossible to exercise or even maintain a proper diet. Therefore, one have to resort to dietary supplements to lose weight or nourish our bodies. The Herbalife Ultimate Weight Management Program Formula 1 and Formula 3 Combo is a perfect pick for you, if you wish to stay fit and maintain a lean body. The protein powder, nutritional shake along with the energy drink combined, will help you gain energy, build lean muscles and burn fat. The protein powder aids in burning proper fat by building muscle, the nutritional shakes also provides the nutrients the body needs and also suppresses your appetite, and the energy drink keeps you relaxed, refreshed and energised all day long. All of these help you lose weight effectively. The combo has a nice flavour and can be added to your favourite beverage. All the products are vegetarian so they can be consumed by everyone, men and women. This product is now available at Snapdeal at an affordable range.

The weight management program from Herbalife is effective in building lean muscles and meticulously burning unnecessary fat, keeping you slim. In addition, the addition of the energy drink mix also allows the body to relax and and feel energised. It is perfect for athletes and sportspersons as well.

Suggested Use
The Herbalife Ultimate Weight Management Program Formula 1 and Formula 3 Combo is to be consumed every day and whenever you like. Take a little bit of shake and mix it with 300 ml of milk and add 1 tablespoon of the protein powder to it and drink a glass. You can also consume 2 spoons of the energy drink mixed in cold or hot water.

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