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Protein Scoop 100% Whey Protein 1 kg

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100% Whey Scoop is designed to give the best possible amino acid profile with rapid absorption for powerful and super-effective lean muscle gain.* This delicious formula contains undenatured Whey Protein Concentrate produced by ultra- filtration and providing optimum nutrient utilization without the digestive system upsets caused by lower quality proteins. 100% Whey Scoop naturally contains 21 g of protein per serving. If your body can easily digest lactose, a sugar found in milk and milk derived products, then 100% Whey Scoop can be an excellent supplement for you. It can help you to meet your macro-nutrient requirements and support gain in muscle mass and strength. Benefits Great Tasting Whey protein Over 42 g Protein and 9.8 g BCAAs per daily serving Helps to build muscle and recovery Contributes to improved overall health and well-being Low in Lactose , Soy FREE & Gluten FREE

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